Sponsored Merchandise

The items in this section are licensed by individuals we sponsor and proceeds from the sale of these items are sent to each person. SUPPORT THE PEOPLE WE SUPPORT and buy their stuff!

Purchasing Process Checklist

Step 1: Deciding What You’d Like.

We offer quite a few different stickers to choose from, White, Holographic, Gold, Silver, and Clear. The first step is deciding what you need. If you are unsure, or need some help deciding - reach out to us, we are always willing to help.

Step 2: Choosing Your Artwork.

Once you’ve decided what you want to get, the next step is your artwork. If you have a logo or picture already you are ahead of the game! If not, that’s cool too. We can help edit what you have, or we work with a few designers who can create something completely from scratch. We have thousands of logos and fonts to choose from with 20 years of graphic design experience. The best part - the cost is always reasonable, if not free! Just reach out to us for any design needs and we will walk you through the next steps.

Step 3: Review Purchasing Options.

Once you’ve ironed out what you want and the artwork you’re going to use, the next step is purchasing! You can do this two ways, the first is just adding items right here on our site to your cart and buying. The second is a more personalized experience, you can reach out to us with exactly what you need and we will tell you exactly the cost, when you’re ready we just send you an invoice you can pay for right here on our site and your order is in! Most people like to get invoiced because we can determine exactly the materials needed for their order and the market cost can sometimes be less than the normal prices posted regularly. We also offer payment plans and payment structures for larger orders (deposit, 25% after proofs, balance before shipping).

Step 4: Receive and Approve Artwork Proofs.

Once your order is in we will get to work on your artwork, making sure it’s setup perfectly for the items you ordered. Once we finish that process we will send you a Proof Email showing you exactly what your product will look like. This step is important, check everything! This is the time to make changes, once you approve, we begin to make your order. Proofs usually take about 4 days from when you place your order.

Step 5: Production

Once you approve your artwork and your payment structure is set, we will get to work producing your items. Depending on the number of designs, and items in your order, production can be done in as little as an hour. During this time we will notify you about production expectations and when you can expect your order to be complete. Factors that effect this time are things like previous orders, time of year like holidays, and materials used in your order (if they are special order).

Step 6: Finished Product, Shipping Notification.

Once your items are done, we will send you a note letting you know to expect your order to ship out soon. At this time you can make your final payment if your payment structure dictates it, or you will just get shipping and tracking to let you know your order is on its way to you!