Artwork, Authorization and Ownership


Within a few business days we will reach out to you via email with the proofs of your stickers. Please ensure you add to your approved list of domains for your email provider, or please consistently check your spam folder for our emails. We will continue following up via email for 5 consecutive business days. If after the 5th business day we don’t hear from you, we will print and cut your order and ship. We are required to ship orders in a timely manner in order to be compliant with Shopify Terms of Service. 


At no point does Death By Stickers take ownership or responsibility for the artwork sent to us and created into products. By sending us your artwork you agree to release us from any and all issues that may arise from ownership of said artwork, ownership of products made from said artwork, and the production of products utilizing said artwork. You authorize Death By Stickers to produce products based on the artwork you have sent us but sole responsibility and ownership for the artwork is, and always will remain, the customers, not Death By Stickers.

Artwork Use

Death By Stickers cannot use your artwork in any other capacity other than to produce the products Death By Stickers has been contracted to produce by the customer. Once an order has been filled, that contract has been completed. Our authorization is limited to the item and quantity of products purchased. Images of the actual products produced for you may be used in a promotional capacity to advertise said products (social media, print media, examples of products), if you wish for your product to not be included for such use, please tell us when placing your order. 

Artwork Content

If Death By Stickers is sent any artwork depicting anything illegal, hateful, or in just poor taste, Death By Stickers reserves the right to refuse service to any customer, for any reason.

Artwork Copyright/Trademarks

If you are unsure about anything in this paragraph, please reach out to us and we are happy to discuss your artwork with you. The artwork you send us must be your own, or designed for you by someone you have contracted. If you are planning on selling the stickers you produce with us, you must own the rights to the artwork and any characters, logos, or designs included in the artwork. Death by Stickers reserves the right to cancel your order if we suspect you do not own licensing for characters that are obviously owned by other entities, and at any point we may put your order on hold and request to see a licensing agreement to keep on file for our legal purposes. Further, Death By Stickers is not liable for any content produced by customers once a customer places their order. In simple English: If you get sued for selling stickers on that we produced for you, you, nor the company who holds the copyright, can come after us, and if they do, we may come after you. So it’s best to just not produce stuff unless you own it. If you send us artwork, we assume you own it. Use your judgement, selling counterfeit items is illegal and companies like Disney have been known to sue individuals for copyright infringement. 

By placing an order with us, you agree to these terms