How to Order using our Sticker Building Software?


We just upgraded our site BIG TIME.

We've implemented software on our site that allows you to upload your design, make edits to it, add a filter, even add things like text and icons - all on our site, then when you're done you'll see exactly what your sticker will look like before purchasing.

This completely eliminates the artwork setup and proof approval process, which can be time consuming when we get so many orders everyday.

So let's go through how to use it. 

Step 1: On the sticker page you plan to buy, select the size, and finish type, then click "Create Design"

Step 2: Select the type of cut you'd like, and upload your design.

Step 3: You've uploaded your artwork, now what?

Step 4: From here you can change the thickness of the cut line

Once you've selected the cut line, If you're happy with how your sticker looks, you can click "Confirm" in the corner, to move on and purchase!. 

After clicking Confirm, just take a look at your sticker, make sure it looks exactly how you want it, add your email address where your proof will be sent to and hit "Confirm My Designs" and that's it! You're all set!


If you want to edit your design, keep reading!

If you don't want a contour cut anymore and want to change it to a square or circle, you can do that here:

If you'd like to play with the background color of your design, click on the the "Background" tab on the left, and change the color.

If you'd like to add a color filter to the entire artwork, click on "Filters" and apply some cool filters:

You can also add text by going to the text tab on the left:

AND you can add an icon like social media or some clipart by clicking on the "Clipart" tab:


If at any point you're not sure how to do something, or you'd like something done to your artwork that our software can't accomplish, send an email to to get some help!

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