Product Care & Maintenance

Congratulations on getting something AWESOME that was made by us. 
Below you’ll find some useful information about how to take care of what you got to make sure it’s looking as great as possible, for as long as possible. 

T Shirts

Screen Printed/Full Color Designed Shirts:

These are shirts where you can feel the design on top of the fabric. We use 100% cotton for these shirts, and they are preshrunk. To wash your shirt, turn it inside out, and wash with warm or cool water, not hot water. Best to air dry these, but if you need to use a dryer, tumble dry at a low temperature. If you need to iron them, iron them inside out, at a low setting, and use a pillow case between the shirt and your iron. Name of the game here is to not overheat these shirts as that can cause the design to crack over time and we want them to look as best as they can forever!


Sublimated Shirts:

These are typically white shirts, or very light colored shirts, and the design is embedded into the fabric. Sublimation is a process of turning ink into a gas using heat, and once the item is cooled, that gas turns back into ink inside the fibers of the clothing. These shirts are made of at least 50% polyester and can be washed\dried however you normally wash shirts. There should be no real change in the color over time.