What’s the difference in having a White Under Print on Stickers?

What’s the difference in having a White Under Print on Stickers?

What is White Under Printing? White Under Print is a method of printing with white ink or toner underneath the ink that makes up the rest of your sticker. Imagine making a sandwich, the bottom piece of bread is white ink, everything on top is colored ink.

Why is White Under Print important? Well, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be, we have found it’s been a matter of preference for people, also, it depends on the artwork and the media.

How does a printer even print white? Normal home printers can’t print white, it’s something reserved for commercial printing equipment. And honestly, most people print on white paper at home, making white ink a bit pointless, so your local Best Buy or Target won’t have any printers that print white because they just wouldn’t sell that many of them.

How does white under print change my sticker? If you’re printing on white material, there’s no need for white under print, so it won’t even be an option. But if you are printing on one of the other media we use such as holographic vinyl, clear vinyl, gold vinyl or silver vinyl, this is where white under print can shine. 

Printing onto a clear media without white under print makes the sticker a little see through. In the example in our picture above we can see two examples of white under print. One is on clear vinyl, and the other is on holographic vinyl. When there is no white under print, the colors seem darker and at points where the color is lightest, basically see through. The same goes for the holographic vinyl. In the holographic vinyl sticker with white under print, the white ink actually hides the holographic effect of the vinyl.

This is why we say it can sometimes be a matter of preference and what your artwork looks like. If your artwork has mostly coverage with ink, then using a white under print could cover us most of the holographic media, making it a bit pointless to use. The same goes for the clear media, if your artwork does not have a lot of holes in it, then using a white under print on clear vinyl essentially is turning the clear vinyl into a white vinyl, which means you’re spending more than you need to. 

Ultimately it comes down to preference, and that’s why we work with everyone on their artwork because we want your stickers to look the best they can. If you order a white under print on clear vinyl and your artwork is not really suitable for it, we will tell you and potentially save you the money it costs to print with a white under print. 

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