Death By Stickers is always looking to sponsor Piercers, Tattoo Artists, Designers, and other Professionals who align with our Brand. 

Being Sponsored, You'll Get:
50, 4" Stickers Free Each Month
Some Months You Will Receive Other Goodies (Key Chains, Hats, Shirts, Vinyl Decals, etc.)
Unique Coupon Code for 15% Off All Other Orders You Place With Us, including displays, signs, and clothing. You can share this code with whoever you’d like.
Priority Order Production (We'll make your orders first before other non-prioritized orders)
We will tag you in our instagram posts and list you as a recommended pro to visit.

What We Expect You To Do;
Each Month Make 1 Dedicated Post About What You Get From Us
Tag @death_by_stickers in your Work Related Instagram posts
Include our Skull Watermark(can be downloaded below in white or black) on your Instagram posts
(Optional but Appreciated) If you operate at physical shop locations, or trade shows, put out Death By Stickers Postcards(we will supply) in your location for people to take.

This program is by invitation only right now, however if you would like to be considered, please send an email to James@deathbystickers.com or reach out to us on Instagram. This program is completely free, no purchase is necessary, we cover the costs of the products sent to you and any shipping charges.  

When invited for sponsorship, please fill out the below information!

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